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Foster an animal in need

CAAA does not have a shelter where we can house animals. Instead we rely on fostering.

Would you like to foster cats or kittens for CAAA? We need you!

If you can help please contact Sura on 072 068 0884 or email here

Help Needed

Currently care is being provided for approximately 320 stray and abandoned animals in the Cape Town area including Brooklyn, Paarden Eiland, Willowbridge, Durbanville, Cape Gate, Cape Town International Airport, Epping and near Fisantekraal. Most of the animals are cats but we also provide help for dogs. Our work includes trapping, testing for feline AIDS and feline leukemia, neutering, and then returning and providing a feeding program.

Pensioners also receive help with feeding and care for their animals in these areas, where possible.

To see how you can help please see our Wish List by clicking here.

Gallery of the Happy Homed - Page 2 of 3

Happily homed


Happily homed

Now known as Cuttie Pie Gingerbread Newell - Adopted by a family with 3 youngish children and sleeps her day away in luxury.

Happily homed

Happily homed

Now called Max and Mia – Happily homed together to a very loving home.

Happily homed

Now called Weasley - Continually searching for a lap to lay on – adopted by Katherine and her family.

Happily homed

Baby Ginger
Was adopted by a wonderfull lady Nadine

Happily homed

Bat is malnourished, too small for his age, bandy-legged, arrived with an eye-infection and looks, very clearly, like a Bat. He is also a very loving little chap whose current cycle is eat, pee, poop and play, and repeat. He has settled in well at his new furever home and goes for regular playdates with the cat next door.

Happily homed

Ziggy was one of two brothers who arrived at a foster, starving, filthy, flea ridden... Within a matter of 24 hours they were clean, de-flea'ed, and well fed and Ziggy found a wonderful home with Joanne, who loves the CAAA cats! He has has become firm friends with one of the others and just loves cuddling with his new forever mum!
Midnights’s story:
Midnight is a little black kitten that we got from C.A.A.A. when he was 5 months old. He was rescued as a feral from a shopping centre and put into foster care where he spent his life petrified and hid behind a washing machine all day long. Eventually he came to his new foster home with us. Upon arrival he was absolutely petrified and bolted around the room we kept him in, knocking over everything in his path. We gave him a material house bed which he hid in, pushing himself right to the back so that he was out of reach. Every time we put our hands in to stroke him he would hiss wildly at us. We forced ourselves on him for 2 days, not leaving him alone and constantly trying to get near to him to reassure him. Eventually he allowed himself to be stroked, and then when we finally heard his loud purring, we knew he would be ok. After 3 days he settled in perfectly and allowed himself to be picked up and loved. He has now formed great relationships with his 3 older brothers who he cuddles up with on the cold nights. He has given the older boys a new lease on life and they are now all behaving as though they are kittens.

Happily homed

Midnight has recently discovered his love of water and we are constantly catching him with his feet in the fish pond or the kitchen sink. He loves to eat his mommy’s plants, watch the fish, chase bugs, play with his toys and his scratch post and relax on the bed. He has rapidly wormed his way into our hearts, and we decided there was absolutely no way we could part with such a loving little boy, so we decided to adopt him and he has been an amazing addition to our little feline family!

Happily homed

Sir Charles Chaplin
Sir Charles Chaplin has crawled into the heart of Joanne, his forever guardian. Adopted at 8 weeks, he has also crawled into her plant pots, drawers and the bed of resident Mimi, who, after some initial disgust at this usurper, has settled down and they are now firm friends.

Happily homed



The cat above is one of the unfortunates who had been awfully abused, and has been cared for by the volunteers of Capetonians Against Animal Abuse for many years.

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