Foster a Cat

Foster an animal in need

CAAA does not have a shelter where we can house animals. Instead we rely on fostering.

Would you like to foster cats or kittens for CAAA? We need you!

If you can help please contact Sura on 072 068 0884 or email here

Help Needed

Currently care is being provided for approximately 320 stray and abandoned animals in the Cape Town area including Brooklyn, Paarden Eiland, Willowbridge, Durbanville, Cape Gate, Cape Town International Airport, Epping and near Fisantekraal. Most of the animals are cats but we also provide help for dogs. Our work includes trapping, testing for feline AIDS and feline leukemia, neutering, and then returning and providing a feeding program.

Pensioners also receive help with feeding and care for their animals in these areas, where possible.

To see how you can help please see our Wish List by clicking here.

Why neuter?

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Why neuter?
Some of those in our care
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If your companion animal won't wear a condom, get him FIXED!

Cute puppy

In 7 years, one cat and her young can produce 420 000 kit­tens.... Responsible animal guardians neuter their companions for sev­eral reasons, one of which is the potential for unwanted litters. There are many thousands of abandoned, unwanted domestic animals living wild. As a male can cover many females, it is essential that males be neutered too!

"Litter" is just another word for trash! - Please oppose the death penalty and neuter your animals!

-     Neutering male dogs and cats reduces the incidence of prostate cancer.
-    Dog companions are less likely to bite. Neutered animals are less likely to roam and fight.
-    Females in heat often cry incessantly, show nervous behavior, and attract unwanted male animals.
-    Unaltered animals often exhibit more behavior and temperament problems than those that have been spayed or neutered.
-    Dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives.
-    Companions animals are more affectionate companions.
-    Neutered cats are less likely to spray and mark territory.
-    Spaying a female dog or cat eliminates its heat cycle, which can last twenty-one days, twice a year, in dogs, and anywhere from three to fifteen days, three or more times a year, in cats.
-    Spaying female dogs and cats eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the incidence of breast cancer.
-    Neutered dogs don't "ride" inappropriate objects.

To download a pamphlet on why neutering is so important please click here (PDF, 310KB)

Some of those in our care

Some of the cats in our care

Some of the cats in our care

Some of the cats in our care

Some of the cats in our care

Some of the cats in our care

Some of the cats in our care


The cat above is one of the unfortunates who had been awfully abused, and has been cared for by the volunteers of Capetonians Against Animal Abuse for many years.

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