Foster a Cat

Foster an animal in need

CAAA does not have a shelter where we can house animals. Instead we rely on fostering.

Would you like to foster cats or kittens for CAAA? We need you!

If you can help please contact Sura on 072 068 0884 or email here

Help Needed

Currently care is being provided for approximately 320 stray and abandoned animals in the Cape Town area including Brooklyn, Paarden Eiland, Willowbridge, Durbanville, Cape Gate, Cape Town International Airport, Epping and near Fisantekraal. Most of the animals are cats but we also provide help for dogs. Our work includes trapping, testing for feline AIDS and feline leukemia, neutering, and then returning and providing a feeding program.

Pensioners also receive help with feeding and care for their animals in these areas, where possible.

To see how you can help please see our Wish List by clicking here.

Meat Free Mondays

Jo Day Queen of SA rock

Jo Day, Queen of SA rock supports Meat Free Mondays! To read about her please click here (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document, 687KB)
  • Kicking the meat habit reduces our risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases that cripple and kill.
  • Kicking the meat habit decreases our exposure to infectious pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter.
  • Kicking the meat habit raises our energy level, lowers our food budget, and simplifies food preparation and cleanup.
  • Kicking the meat habit frees up grains and other foods that can be used to feed the world's hungry. Animals are extremely inefficient "protein converters;" it can take up to 10 kg of grain to make 1 kg of beef.
  • Kicking the meat habit preserves our topsoil, water, and other food production resources vital to the survival of our children and their children.
  • Kicking the meat habit protects our forests, grasslands, and other wildlife habitats from encroachment while reducing the polluting effects of methane, soil particles, manure, and pesticides on our air and water.
  • Kicking the meat habit saves animals from caging, crowding, deprivation, drugging, mutilation, manhandling, and agonizing slaughter. Each person who adopts a plant-based diet saves over 80 innocent, sentient animals each year. Over a lifetime, an individual can save more than 6,000 animals just by going vegan.

Main Meals

In summer, what could be better than salads of all sorts, with a braaied white or yellow potato, or slices of butternut, or baby marrow or braaied mixed peppers (fabulous braaied!)

Giant mushrooms are great on the braai, baked, grilled and used as burgers, or then stuffed with your favourite non meat stuffing, or with cheesy mash, or savoury rice - slice them and use like you would in a meat casserole or stew.

Top a halved baguette with sliced brown mushrooms cooked up with fried onions, worcestershire sauce, finely chopped fresh herbs (rosemary is perfect) and top it all with a rich onion gravy, which the bread will soak up.

Salad ideas: Watermelon, black olive and baby spinach / sliced orange, fresh dates and pecan halves / cooked rice, fresh chopped tomato, spring onion, corn, chopped red or yellow pepper, with french dressing mixed in.

Cold salads like potato salad, three bean salad, macaroni salad or coleslaw are all nice for days that it's too hot to cook, with Fry's Schnitzels or chicken burgers.

Spaghetti with tomato-zucchini sauce. Slice tomatoes and zucchini thinly and let them 'stew' and get juicy in a deep skillet (about 15 min). Season with basil, oregano, garlic and salt if desired, pour over pasta.

Pasta with garlic. Crush a gazillion cloves of garlic into a pan with some canola margerine or olive oil. Add sliced mushrooms if you want, and cook until garlic starts to go tranclucent and the mushrooms let off some juice. Throw in some pine-nuts/ slivered almonds / pumpkin seeds. Season as you like.

Bake a bunch of potatoes ahead of time and then fry wedges of cold cooked potato You can top with your favourite sauce, or roasted onions, red peppers and Fry's sausage.

Roasted Vegetables of your choice with savoury rice - add red lentils to rice when cooking, they almost cook away and then add cooked / tinned mushrooms, fried inions and peppers or McCain Thai vegetable mix and season as desired (this is your chance to experiment!)

Gem Squash filled with creamed corn, savoury rice, sauted baby marrow with tomatoes an onions, peas

Layer 2 small sliced, fried aubergines, with a tomato sauce made with 1 onion, sliced, garlic cloves, crushed, I tin chopped tomatoes, 3 tablespoon chopped fresh basil and then top with grated cheese and bake till hot and sizzling, Serve with green salad and garlic bread

You can make burgers out of cooked beans. Simply lightly mash a selection of different coloured beans such as cannellini beans and kidney beans, add finely chopped, fried onion and breadcrumbs and form them into patties. They can be seasoned with salt and pepper, fresh herbs, garlic and chilli to taste. Cook them carefully, briefly on either side until they are brown. Serve as a burger.


The cat above is one of the unfortunates who had been awfully abused, and has been cared for by the volunteers of Capetonians Against Animal Abuse for many years.

Banking Details

Capetonians Against
Animal Abuse

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Bayside Branch
Branch No: 022209
Account Type: Cheque
Account No: 271 233 974

To make direct payments for our vet bills please use banking details below.

Durbanville Animal Hospital
Bank: Nedbank
Branch No: 103 710
Account Type: Current
Account No: 103 703 1555
Reference: 16546 + your name

Please remember to send us notice of your payment.