Foster a Cat

Foster an animal in need

CAAA does not have a shelter where we can house animals. Instead we rely on fostering.

Would you like to foster cats or kittens for CAAA? We need you!

If you can help please contact Sura on 072 068 0884 or email here

Help Needed

Currently care is being provided for approximately 320 stray and abandoned animals in the Cape Town area including Brooklyn, Paarden Eiland, Willowbridge, Durbanville, Cape Gate, Cape Town International Airport, Epping and near Fisantekraal. Most of the animals are cats but we also provide help for dogs. Our work includes trapping, testing for feline AIDS and feline leukemia, neutering, and then returning and providing a feeding program.

Pensioners also receive help with feeding and care for their animals in these areas, where possible.

To see how you can help please see our Wish List by clicking here.

Meat Free Mondays


Reducing the amount of animal products in our diets willhelp to boost our health and, of course, help to end animal suffering. What more incentive do you need? So start with Meat-Free Monday and then try Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And dont forget to tell your friends and family!

For information on carbon savings that could be achieved in the USA through a reduction in meat consumption please click here (PDF, 42KB).


As of September 2009, Catharina's in Steenberg Cape Town supports Meat Free Mondays 's with a special Monday menu! Contact them: 021 713 2222 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The following download was issued by the Landmark Foundation - The price of a Sunday roast (Microsoft Word 9-2003 Document, 159KB).

Watch this short TV clip on why chicken braai (or cooking) is so unhealthy, with alternatives:

Haaretz. 3 August 2009

Israelis joining global 'meatless Monday' initiative.

The latest culinary trend will delight the part of population that until now made do with side salads and side dishes - vegetarians. Israel is joining the "meatless Monday" initiative, a not-so-new innovation wherein diners both at home and in restaurants refrain from carnivorous activity for one day a week.

May 2009

Beginning this week, the city of Ghent will have one meat-free day a week where politicians and civil servants (joined by schoolchildren from September) will be passing up their pork, surrendering their sausage, and laying off the lamb. And they're distributing 90,000 Easy On The Meat street maps so people can find vegetarian places to eat all over town. According to the UN livestock agriculture is a top 3 producer of greenhouse gas and accounts for nearly 20% of the total. It's FANTASTIC that a city of 594,582 people is promoting such meaninful behaviour change.And, of course, like so many things you can do to lead a greener life, it leads to a healthier life too.

Soli Philander supports Meat Free Monday

If every South African had one (extra) meat free day a week for a year, it would be the equivalent of taking close to one million cars off the road for a year.

Soli Philander

MFM's is supported by Soli Philander,one of South Africa’s top and most versatile performers. This seasoned broadcaster is also an award-winning actor, television presenter, director, comedian, playwright, columnist and motivational speaker.


The cat above is one of the unfortunates who had been awfully abused, and has been cared for by the volunteers of Capetonians Against Animal Abuse for many years.

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Capetonians Against
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