Paarden Island Colony

Photo 1 - Colony at Paarden Island

Let's eat! - cats from the Paarden Island colony

Photo 2 - Colony at Paarden Island

Hmmm - feels good to have food in the tummy

Photo 3 - Colony at Paarden Island

As with the other colonies looked after by CAAA, these cats were trapped, sterilized, and then released

Photo 4 - Colony at Paarden Island

Any food left?

Photo 5 - Colony at Paarden Island

In addition to dry food wet food is also given

Photo 6 - Colony at Paarden Island

The car gives good shade on a hot day

Photo 8 - Colony at Paarden Island

Elizabeth is our wonderful supporter who feeds the cats at Paarden Island. Below is her story on how she got involved with CAAA:

"In October 2004 I started a job by a company in Paarden Isand. There were three feral cats that were always outside of this company so I decided to start feeding them. Then one day on my lunch break I took a walk to the end of Bermuda Street were a saw Lejane (of CAAA) feeding over 10 feral cats. She introduced herself to me. A few weeks later Lejane came to my work to ask if we could take turns feeding these cats and gave me a big bag of dried food for them. At the time I started feeding the feral most of the can food I supplied myself until Lejane started to get her small donations in. I also ran ads in the Tygerburger for food donation with Lejane’s permission to use her company name. This was after I became a member of Capetonians Against Animal Abuse. The donations that we did get was mostly dry food and it was a once off donation for the ads I ran. The Lejane started to get help from different vets to start the Spaying and neutering we started to trap the cats and send them away to be done. This went on for longer that a year cause she had to wait for openings at the vets. Capetonians Against Animal Abuse was always on stand by for the ill or hurt cats she used to come out and help me take dogs and cats out of the Paarden Eiland River. She rehomed many animals that had to be rescued even if she didn’t have a home for them she made her home their home."